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My 49er Christmas Wish list

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In case you didn't realize this I thought I'd mention that Christmas is tomorrow. The 49ers have definitely been naughty this year, but I think their fans have been very nice in putting up with this lackluster team. In the spirit of the holidays I present my wishlist of things that I would like for the 49ers in the near future.

10. Wins against St. Louis and Arizona

9. First round win in the playoffs (I didn't say these had to be realistic wishes)

8. Frank Gore to return healthy as ever for the 2011 season

7. Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis to make the Pro Bowl

6. New throwback uniforms for 2011 (I love the 1994 unis)

5. A real GM

4. A competent starting quarterback.

3. A new defensive coordinator

2. A new head coach

1. A new labor agreement resulting in no lockout or shortened season for 2011

So, what are your 49er/football wishes?