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Golden Nuggets: Merry .... Holidays

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Merry Christmas everyone. I guess I should say Happy Holidays - and I do wish those of you who don't celebrate Christmas a good time - but I like to think you guys are mature enough to know what I mean by what I say. If not, oh well, you'll survive. Either way, I imagine we'll have a slow day today here at Niners Nation and that's quite alright. I don't know what I'm doing today, but I'm going to make the best of it, whatever it is. You folks have a good one, and here's some links.

Justin Smith did not receive a fine for the San Diego game, which he was ejected from due to some referee ... interactions. Further proof that the referee in question needs to learn how to deal with player interaction and not act like a tough guy. (

The 49ers lack a true starter at quarterback. Can't really argue with this, if you're switching quarterbacks and there's not an injury, you don't really have a starter. You have possible starters, but likely just backups. (

Here's some matchups to watch for in Sunday's game against the Rams. (

Teams Talk: Adams On St. Louis (

That really is all we've got today. Didn't see many articles; enjoy your holidays, folks.