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Golden Nuggets: A Bit Late ... You'll Survive

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Ahh, the sweet, delicious taste of the Dallas Cowboys losing a football game. There's really nothing else quite like it, I was rooting hard for our division rivals, the Cardinals. I was the biggest Cardinals fan in the world last night, no joke. I hate the Dallas Cowboys so very much, and I think the entirety of 49ers fandom would agree with that and support me there. They are evil, pure evil, and I am so very happy that they are doing just as bad as we are. Their suffering is delicious, scrumptious even. Anyway, I hope you guys had a good holiday and for those of you who have holidays that are still ongoing, I hope yours continue. Now, on to today. We've got the St. Louis Rams and there are serious playoff implications. Sounds like a great time, no? Go Niners. It's gameday, which means there's not a lot of links for the morning. Either way, enjoy.

49ers fans are torn on the subject of playoffs. I fit that exact definition. If you asked me five times throughout the week, my opinion on the matter would be different each team. (

Kind of sucks that Michael Crabtree isn't performing all that well. I hope the guy realizes his potential real soon, because this Danny Amendola nonsense ain't gonna cut it. (

The 49ers are glad for the chance to be in the playoffs. Unlike the fans, they know they want to break the losing streak, and fast. (

How about a quick preview, good morning read to get yourself prepped, yeah? (

I wonder if this kicker could be something special. I like that we got our hands on him before the offseason. He also insists that the 68-yard field goal is legitimate. (

That's it for today. Let's get 'em, Niners.