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Rams End 49ers Playoff Hopes: What a [site deocrum]-show

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And that's that. Our San Francisco 49ers once again got hopes up that they might live to fight another day, only to absolutely crap the bed in virtually every possible way in the second half en route to a 25-17 loss to the St. Louis Rams. The loss officially ends the 49ers drunken stagger towards a potential playoff berth. Now they head into another week 17 with no meaning other than draft positioning.

I actually had to listen to the first half of the game on the radio while driving around visiting family here in Las Vegas. I watched the second half on tv and clearly that was the 49ers undoing. That or the poor execution, ugly turnovers, and generally inept play, coaching, and whatever else you want to blame. I don't know if it was the 49ers season in a nutshell, but it sucked either way. It was fitting that it basically ended when Ted Ginn Jr. failed to step out of bounds before time ran out. Just a debacle all around. I won't even begin discussing the much expected QB switching debacle.

We've got a million and one things to talk about as we begin the transition to the offseason. There's one more game to go but the real value is in the ability to evaluate players. We won't get many definitive answers in one throw-away game against the Cardinals, but it's worth seeing what's out there. For this coming week we'll spend as much time if not more discussing that as actually previewing matchups for the game.

I'm going to turn off site decorum for this post. However, please keep it civil. James will have a second recap in a little bit and site decorum will be back on for that thread.