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49ers Lose To Rams, Missed Field Goal Drains Them, Singletary Era Coming To An End

That was very frustrating, to say the least. It was very clear when the 49ers were going to lose this game. Jeff Reed lined up to kick a 34-yard field goal to put the 49ers up by two. When he missed it, all the life was drained from the team. It wasn't the fumbles or the interception, and it wasn't even the pathetic safety, right then and there when that field goal went wide left, the Niners were condemned to lose the game, and with it, their chances at the 2010 NFL Playoffs.

But with it, I feel almost ... glad. I was of the opinion that I want the 49ers to win every time they take the field, but now that we can stop freaking out about our draft positioning, we can stop listening to the talking heads lamenting about how absurd it is that the 49ers are still in the playoff race and how much of an insult that is to the integrity of the game. We can move on, barring one last game, a game I hope the 49ers win big.

Jed York appears to be moving on at this point. In fact, he's moving on to next season, and apparently without Mike Singletary. In talking to reporters after the game, Jed even left Singletary's status next week for the final game of the season open to interpretation. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee has the transcript from Jed's meeting.

Jason LaConfora has also been tweeting about Jed York. Trent Baalke is the current VP of Player Personnel, and he will be considered and probably will interview for the open GM position, but I'd be surprised if he got it. Also according to LaConfora, Jon Gruden and Harbaugh could be interested in the 49ers coaching job, but both would prefer an established GM to be in place an an organizational restructuring to take place, which is why I feel that Baalke will not get the job. He just doesn't have the clout and the pedigree to make San Francisco an attractive option for potential high-profile head coaching candidates. Hopefully he can remain with the organization in some capacity.

Either way, it's hard to tell what will happen next. All I know is, this was a sorry game. I don't understand why Troy was made the starter in the first place when Singletary was just going to pull him anyway. I don't get why Singletary will start anybody, will leave anybody in the game, so long as they yell at him. The fact that he was GOING to bench Troy (because let's face it, do any of you really doubt that he was?), but didn't because Troy showed "heart," or "fire," shows nothing less than a complete mismanagement of the quarterback position.

I need a drink. There will be a piece on Nate Davis tomorrow.