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The end of an Era: Mike Singletary is no longer the coach of the 49ers

Fooch's Note: It's official. 49ers sent out the press release with the news. Press conference tomorrow at noon pacific

Fooch's Note #2: Coach Singletary released a statement:

One of the greatest experiences of my life was having the opportunity to coach the San Francisco 49ers. What made it so special were the players. They were some of the most outstanding men I have ever been around in my life. The coaches were truly professionals. I wish the 49ers nothing but the best. I am thankful to the York family for having given me the opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL. I am indebted to them for that. I am also thankful for the Faithful fans, I am just sorry I couldn't give them more."

According to the beat writers (via Twitter) Mike Singletary was informed that he is no longer the coach of the San Francisco 49ers. According to Matt Maoicco Jim Tomsula takes over as interim head coach. Tomsula is the defensive line coach.

I really felt that Singletary should've been fired at the bye week, but I guess you can't fire your head coach when the team has a chance at the playoffs even if you start the season 0-5. The hunt now begins for a GM who will then lead the hunt for the head coach. You have to think that even if Tomsula wins the last game of the season he won't be interviewed for the new head coaching job.

Singletary's record as head coach is 18-22, which isn't horrible. The manner in which he achieved that record is. After an 0-5 start to this season there was little doubt of his status for next season. The only question was if he would manage to finish the season.

More information is trickling in:

According to Jason LaConfora Singletary refused to resign, which led to his firing. Can't say as I blame Singletary for refusing to resign. If my boss came to me and asked me to resign I'd tell him to fire me too.

TexansDC had a fanshot up on this really quickly, so props to him. One astute comment in there is that by not resigning Singletary still gets paid his salary. This is one thing that's always confused me about NFL contracts for head coaches. How can a losing season be considered anything but being fired for cause?