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Golden Nuggets: Moving On From Mike Singletary

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Well, that happened. I feel a small measure of relief after that, being eliminated from the playoffs and knowing that changes are going to be made. I've got the Cardinals game coming up, I'll be in the press box and reporting live at SB Nation Bay Area, which should be a blast. Other than that: screw it. This season was the worst in a long line of terrible seasons and I'd like to forget about it as quickly as possible. There are some serious changes to be made within the 49ers organization and I'm all for a total overhaul. There's maybe two or three guys that I want to return at all from the coaching staff and front office (Pete Hoener, Trent Baalke), we'll be better off with a new coach, new general manager, new coordinators and new positional coaches. Everything needs to be revamped on that front. San Francisco will be an attractive option for coaches, especially if we are able to get a GM. Let's hope. Go Niners.

Mike Singletary has been fired as the head coach of the 49ers and Jim Tomsula will step in and take the interim job for the remaining game. Tomsula is a fitting interim coach, but hopefully we can get this whole coach thing figured out this offseason. (

Kawakami has some thoughts regarding Mike Singletary and his firing, imagine that! I essentially agree with everything he says at this point, though. (

The players are shouldering their share of the blame, and they should. Takeo Spikes makes the best point, acknowledging the talent on the roster and how it's inexcusable to be playing the way they are. I feel very bad for Takeo. I hope he's here next season, and I hope we can get him to the playoffs. (

This was written before Singletary was fired, but it still is pertinent. The 49ers are realizing that they need to make some changes to gain some respectability. (

For the whole story regarding the Jed York interview with reporters and the firing of Singletary, the Associated Press did by it just fine. (

A full look a what Jed said to the reporters after the game can be found here. Jed also told Jason LaConfora that the new GM would be hiring the new coaching staff and that Trent Baalke would be considered for the position. Mentioned Jim Harbaugh and Jon Gruden as potential candidates for the head coaching job if the organization was restructured. (

The argument with Troy Smith on the sidelines drives me crazy. It's upsetting that Singletary is prone to do such a thing, it's even more upsetting that he engages in such a mismanagement of quarterbacks as to let Troy come back in and play simply because he was shouting back at him. Fire and heart can only count for so much, Mike. (

That loss is the summation of a miserable season, no better way to put it. It's exactly how the clear-thinking, unbiased observer would have predicted it based on the previous fifteen weeks. (

Hey, look at that: Singletary's firing is National news. Everybody now knows that Jed York wants winners. (

I'm disturbed by the lack of talk about cornerback Phillip Adams. Fox refused to replay the injury, but SB Nation has a photo. Can't see a whole lot, but you've been warned anyway. (

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