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Mike Singletary Fired: Jed York, Jim Tomsula Press Conference

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In place of our normal Monday lunch time press conference with Mike Singletary, Jed York will conduct a press conference at noon today to introduce defensive line coach Jim Tomsula as the interim head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Assuming questions are taken, I'd imagine most will have to do with the coming head coach search.

Given that an official GM is not yet in place I don't expect a whole lot of substantive comments from York about the search process. Expect mostly owner-speak. While it might be frustrating to not hear much, it's inevitable given the timing of all this. However, maybe we'll luck out and get some useful information with which to work.

In the meantime, congratulations to Jim Tomsula on the promotion. At this point I don't expect to see him in the search process unless he gets a courtesy interview. However, he's always been one of my favorite assistant coaches on the 49ers. We always see the crazy fire from him. Anytime a defensive lineman makes a sack, fumble recovery, or interception, Tomsula is there waiting to celebrate the play.

For one final game, why not give him a chance at the NFL level. He was head coach of the Rhein Fire so he does have enough experience to put together a week of practice and prepare for Sunday's season finale against Arizona. He's also generally good for a money quotation or two so maybe we'll get some good lines when he speaks to the press today and later this week.

I'd suspect we'll have a transcript for this later in the day. I've embedded a stream after the jump to watch the press conference live. If you miss it or have trouble with this embedded video, check out or CSN Bay Area.

Jed York, Jim Tomsula Press Conference