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Trent Baalke And The 49ers General Manager Position

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Trent Baalke is the current VP of Player Personnel for the 49ers. He is essentially acting as the general manager, alongside Paraag Marathe. He stepped into the role when Scot McCloughan left the team, and though his exact involvement with building and executing the 49ers draft is in question (McCloughan left a week before the draft) I think we can all say that we are at least satisfied with what he was able to do. He's been the acting general manager for a season now, and in a text to NFL Network's Jason LaConfora, Jed was adamant that Baalke would be considered for the full job of general manager.

But he won't get it, if anything Jed said during the press conference means anything. It's clear the York wants a general manager with experience and clout. He has already said that the new general manager will be the guy making the decision as to who would be the head coach, and Jed would not interfere with his decision. The general manager would then make the decision on who controls personnel and scouting, things of that nature. Baalke just is not ready for that kind of responsibility.

More importantly, Baalke does not have the kind of connections necessary to bring in a whole new staff. Tapping LaConfora again, he figures landing Jon Gruden or Jim Harbaugh would be contingent on Jed York's ability to bring stability to the organization, some established structure would need to be in place to make San Francisco an attractive option for head coaches.

Baalke appears to be a solid guy, I like his personality and I think he has the ability to make decisions and an eye for talent. I hope that he can find a place with the organization, but it won't be as general manager. Maybe the new guy will have a spot for him, I'm unsure right now, but it's always worth noting that every time a change of this magnitude is made, valuable coaches are lost. Jed addressed Jim Tomsula and his future with the organization, saying that it was ultimately in the hands of the new general manager, but that he thinks a guy like Jim could stick anywhere, so I imagine he'll be getting a glowing recommendation from Jed. Hopefully Baalke and a couple other guys (cough cough Pete Hoener) do as well.