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49ers Head Coach Search: A Look At The Qualifications

While the 49ers have their hands full in the coming week or two trying to find a new general manager, there remains the additional need to find a new head coach. Jed York has made it quite clear that he wants to get a GM first and then that person will hire the coach. York was asked about what he wanted in a potential head coach:

On whether he is looking for specific qualities in a head coach:

York: "Offensive-minded, defensive-minded, like that? You know, I wouldn't say we're strictly looking at an offensive -minded head coach, but I think we've had a lot of problems on the offensive side of the ball. So if it's not an offensive-minded coach, it's got to be a coach that has experience in dealing with the NFL, in dealing with putting together a staff. So I wouldn't say we're only looking at offensive minded people, but if it is a defensive minded head coach, it's got to be somebody that understands how to put an offensive staff together."

Although that leaves plenty of room for interpretation, it certainly gives us plenty with which to work. And we've already started to see articles on the necessary qualifications of the next 49ers head coach. Mike Sando put together a brief projection on the issue early yesterday morning. His list of potential characteristics included (broken down in more detail in his article):

1. Coordinator experience
2. Track record with QBs
3. Ability to hire a quality staff (as Jed pointed out)
4. Offensive background
5. More of an even keeled personality
6. Charisma

The second article I read was Sam Lam's rundown of qualifications. His rundown was a bit more extensive although some of his characteristics were more some expectations that what they could bring to the table. Some of his characteristics listed included:

1. Head coaching
2. Offensive Background
3. QB-friendly
4. Aggressive
5. Strong Staff
6. Connection with players
7. Control
8. Appeal to Fans
9. Immediate success

I simply wanted to point out two such articles so we could get the juices flowing. Are any necessary qualifications missing from either of these lists? This isn't so much about specific people as it is the characteristics worth considering as we look at potential coaching candidates. Having such a checklist could make it easier to figure who is a legit candidate and who is getting more of a token interview.