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SB Nation Search For The Best Bloody Mary

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For Bloody Mary drinkers out there, head on over to SB Nation when you get a moment and vote in the SB Nation Search for the Best Bloody Mary, sponsored by Absolut. There are ten different cities including San Francisco. If you live in the Bay Area, or in one of the other markets, head on over and vote for your part of the country. In SF, they've included Lefty O'Douls, Pete's Tavern, and Bus Stop.

I've been to Lefty's and Bus Stop, but never Pete's. Bus Stop is a decent bar but it's a bit too much of a Boston homer crowd and you get a Marina element in there that can be a bit off-putting. I actually once almost got in a fight over there in part because of that element. Bus Stop sponsored my softball team in the summer of 2007. We were there one night after a game standing in the back drinking some beers near the pool tables. Two random girls stumbled out of the bathroom and then while standing about two feet from me they started flicking bottle caps at another girl. This other girl was near two guys and the bottle caps hit them.

They turn around and see me and these two girls a couple feet away. Naturally they blame me. They came up and asked why I was throwing the caps at them. I said I wasn't the one who threw them and one of the guys says yes I was because his buddy saw me. Clearly they hadn't seen me so I simply said, "No you didn't see me." He said he did, I continued to just calmly say, "No you didn't," which only served to piss them off. I suppose I could have ratted out the two girls but it was more fun riling up the two guys. Anyways, they started to get in my face so I stood up from my bar stool and then one of them told me to Go [site decorum] myself (It would have been awesome if he'd actually said site decorum). Anyways, some folks on my team separated us and that was the end of it. Not the most exciting story but the closest I've come to a fight in a bar.