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Golden Nuggets: Too Much Haste On All Fronts

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Good morning everyone, quick thanks to Fooch for grabbing the Nuggets yesterday. Note that the Nuggets each morning can serve as a link dump for everyone. If you find something worth discussing or reading, post it here. Try and keep it on topic, but general NFL news and even sports news is totally allowed. It's the post to start up your day with and talk to people, so whenever the linkage on my front is lacking, go ahead and help out with some links of your own. That's right, your days of being totally helpless are coming to an end, you lazy lot. I get to be lazy occasionally, you know. Either way, we've got some links today, having to do with the GM, head coach, things of that nature. We're got a great overreaction from Tim Kawakami, this one really is a classic among classics. Oh yeah, pro bowl news as well.  So there's all that. Let's get to it, enjoy the linkage folks.

Patrick Willis and Justin Smith were selected to the Pro Bowl. I think there are a couple snubs for the 49ers, but I'm glad that Willis got in again, and any praise Smith gets in any given situation is well-deserved. (

Trent Baalke is the leader in the search for a new general manager. I'm alright with that, honestly. My problem is reaching the decision with such haste. (

Some folks are reporting that Baalke is a lock, though. At this point, I don't see how they can say that , then again they probably know more than I do. This could be a "throw it and hope it sticks," piece though. Wouldn't be the first time for Mr. Florio. (

Let the overreacting begin, folks! Come on down, Tim Kawakami! I'm not saying Tim is totally off-base here, but it's just about insulting that he's writing off Baalke as a potential candidate without taking into consideration that he has 13+years NFL experience. Again, what bothers me the most is the speed at which things are happening. Tim is right when he condemns Jed for potentially making such a quick hire. Too much haste for Jed, and too much haste from the fanbase to condemn any situation. (

The 49ers do have some other candidates, including Tony Softli, who may have been interviewed solely for Rooney Rule purposes. (

Here's audio from a conference call with Justin Smith, and then audio with Patrick Willis. (

The 49ers need to just stop talking and start doing. Mike Singletary boasted about "Don't tell me, show me," yet all he did was talk. Even his body language was confusing, garbled and ripe with disappointing excuses. (

Second Look: Arizona Cardinals (

Jim Tomsula is excited about his one-game opportunity. I don't think he has any plans to interview for the full head coaching position, but I do think he's looking to show loyalty and determination for the 49ers organization, so he has a better chance of being kept around for the new regime. (

Here's an article that cautions against hiring Trent Baalke for the full GM position. I think it's a bit cynical, but the bit about "yes man," and fresh ideas and the like does make sense. (

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