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49ers vs. Cardinals: Alex Smith Starting QB, Patrick Willis Out

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49ers interim head coach Jim Tomsula conducted his midweek press conference today and had several important updates. We'll have the transcript in a little bit, but for now I thought I'd post some information coming across twitter (sources below).

The two biggest news items revolve around QB and Patrick Willis. No Bamm Bamm will not start at QB. Rather, Willis will sit out the game after having a second operation on his hand. I'd imagine this has to lower his chances of playing in the Pro Bowl next month. If he can't play today, I hope he just sits it out rather than risk any permanent damage in a meaningless exhibition in Hawaii.

The other news is that Alex Smith will start at QB this Sunday against the Cardinals. Gregg Rosenthal tweeted the most appropriate comment:

It would be typical if Alex Smith lit up the Cardinals Sunday, tempting 49ers to bring him back.

Anybody else expecting a monster performance from Alex against the Cardinals? Anything really is possible, but this would be a fitting conclusion to the Alex Smith era. At this point we're in wait and see mode with the QBs since a new GM would have the say on that issue. It's been such a debacle at the QB position this season that I think it's just best to assume nothing and wait and see what happens in the coming months of free agency and the draft.

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