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NFL Pro Bowl 2011: Educating Brandon Lloyd On Why Teams Haven't Wanted Him

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Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd was recently selected to the AFC's 2011 NFL Pro Bowl roster. Lloyd has put together a monster year, leading the NFL with 1,375 receiving yards heading into the final week of the regular season. Lloyd took part in a conference call to discuss his Pro Bowl selection and during the call he apparently had some choice words for his former teams (49ers, Redskins, Bears):

When he was asked whether he wanted to wink to the three teams that cut him and tell them, "I told you so," he disagreed, and said he had something more direct in mind:

"No, I want to say, ‘F--- you,' and I mean that in the most professional way."

Well then. BLloyd certainly was to the point about that. Apparently he does not realize some of the reasons he was cut or traded by previous teams. For the purposes of 49ers fans, I think this gif says about all we need (not posted b/c it slows down the opening time of the page):

Brandon Lloyd ducking a pass

I did some poking around and it turns out Lloyd has a twitter page. His twitter handle appeared to be mrblloyd. I decided to shoot him a quick tweet with the picture ("I know you feel slighted by past teams, but crap like this is why you were cut in the past" - then picture link). If you get a free moment, I recommend tweeting the above link to Lloyd in case he overlooked my tweet. I think it's only fair that we educate him on how 49ers fans feel about his past performances. Drop him a tweet if you get a minute.