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Golden Nuggets: Jeff Reed It Is

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Morning everyone, morning. Got a little bit of pertinent news for you today, though whether it's good news or bad news is totally up to you. Looks like Joe Nedney is going to be out for another week, so do with that what you will. The important thing right now is that the 49ers will not be using Shane Andrus again. I feel for the guy, some time in Europe really screwed up his leg, because I was of the opinion that he was a pretty darn good kicker last season and this preseason. Take this misses away and he was still horrible when you look at his kickoffs. Good lord, was he aiming for the thirty-yard line every single time, or did that just happen somehow?

The 49ers signed Jeff Reed to take over kicking duties in place of Nedney. I'm not big on Reed, from what I can recall he's kind of a ... douchebag? Maybe I'm misremembering, which by the way, is a terrible word and I hate myself for using it. Hopefully Reed is ... good. (

I think people who believe winning your division with a substandard record should warrant a punishment, like being disallowed from the playoffs, are idiots. Just flat-out idiots. Sam Lam agrees with me, but he's a bit nicer about things. (

Aaron Rodgers was almost a 49er and glad that he's now a Packer. Show of hands for those of you that are surprised? (

Hey guys, the Oakland Raiders signed J.T. O'Sullivan. No foolin', they really did. Hahaha. Classic. (

Takeo Spikes is one of my favorite players, and he's done wondering in livening up San Francisco's defense (

You know what's awesome? Brian Jennings on KNBR. That's what is awesome. (

Anthony Davis will be getting some help to take on Clay Matthews. Vernon Davis could hadnel him all day. (

Here are Maiocco's latest NFL power rankings. (

The 49ers are having a more laid-back practice as opposed to their practice following the Saints game. (

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