Positive Vibes Only, Please

Ok, this year has been taxing on all of us diehard 49ers fans.  This football team has some players on its roster that would make any NFL gm salivate.  The team made a really hard run to finish the season strong last year, and Alex was looking to turn the corner professionally to start the season after last years positive development.  Our draft was very solid, and many of us were hopeful that the two hogs we drafted in the first round would turn into studs right away and that Frank Gore would have the kind of year that makes CJ2K's season last year look silly in comparison.  We were legitimately hopeful and excited in a way that we haven't been for almost a decade.  

Things started out worse than any of us could have imagined possible.  How many times this season have you watched the game with your buddies and all you could do was just look at each other and blurt out unintelligible phrases of various curse words because you literally couldn't think of anything rational to say.  We have looked like the worst team in the NCAA multiple times this season.  Yet, somehow, this ball club is only 1 flippin game out from first place in our pathetic division.  Things could be so much worse than they are.  

Lets get behind the team for the rest of the season.  Despite some of the grumbling that I've heard that point to lack of effort from the team, I have seen our guys fight with every ounce of effort to do their best.  They will continue to do so, and combined with the 3-1 record in the last 4 games I think that there is good reason to get hopeful once again.

Win out in the division and split our games between Green Bay and San Diego and we host a playoff game.  If you keep up with player interviews and post game locker room videos then you know that the players on this team are seriously pumped to finish this season with authority.  So, lets think about the positive and toss out the negative for the rest of the season and support our guys with some excitement and enthusiasm.  They will need it to succeed.

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