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Caption This!

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It's been an eventful week in 49ers-Land, and one that has provided more than enough time for a wide variety of emotional responses. The 49ers lost on Sunday, and the rage set in. Or, for those who didn't want the distinction of rooting for the first sub-.500 playoff team in NFL history, the celebration. Mike Singletary was let go shortly thereafter, a move that was met with any combination of satisfaction, relief, joy, and indifference. Jim Tomsula was promoted to the interim head coaching role. Yawns echoed across the land.

Then it was announced that an official search would be started to bring in an actual General Manager, who would hire an actual coach, who would presumably turn the team around. Hope began to settle in. But that wasn't enough! Eddie DeBartolo would be counseling Jed York throughout the selection process! Excitement! Rejoicing! But wait... hold on just one ding-dang minute... Trent Baalke is the clear front-runner? We're promoting from within? From within a front office group that has proven little more than futility for the better part of a decade? Disappointment! Resignation!

What's been missing has been amusement. Well, there are those sickos out there who just find the whole thing funny. You know who you are. Your sense of humor is twisted. You revel in the morbid destruction of hope. You thought The Exorcist was the greatest comedy of the last century. You sat through There's Something About Mary waiting for the funny parts. You didn't want to laugh at the 49ers this week, but you just couldn't help it.

It's okay. I understand. I'm the same way.

But for the rest of you, it's high time for a little levity. And Jim Tomsula is here with Caption This! to bring it to you. I really don't know what that look on his face is. I really don't know why his arm is doing that. I don't know. All I know is that I can't stop looking at it. And it's time to laugh.

You know the deal: Use the comments to provide your captions, and rec' the ones you like the most. mcwagner won the day last week with a well-deserved 9 rec's. We're still waiting to see the legendary 20-rec caption, a caption with so much hilariously destructive force that it circles all the way back around and starts fixing things hilariously. I want to see that caption. Show me that caption.