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Golden Nuggets: Nearing The End

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Good morning folks, the final game of the season approaches. One thing I was wondering was who I preferred win the NFC West. I kind of want it to go to the Rams, but at the same time I don't want them too confident in their young quarterback. God forbid the kid plays above his talent level and becomes a super star. But then again, the Seahawks and their fans are ... less than accommodating over at Field Gulls, which is, I will admit, a very well-run blog. I think I'm still leaning towards the Rams, which is odd because I consider 49ers-Rams to be the only real rivalry in the NFC West. The other two teams really don't spark anything for me. I won't be watching the game, I'll be busy at Candlestick, obviously, but I will still silently root for the Rams. Either way, the 49ers are taking the West next year. ... I hate saying that. It doesn't even sound believable to me, anymore. Enjoy the links.

Patrick Willis will do everything he feasibly can do to keep Takeo Spikes in a 49ers uniform in 2011. It will honestly upset me if Spikes is gone, so maybe Willis can convince him in some way. Takeo is the effing man. (

Sunday will show us a lot of things as 49ers fans. The team insists they are going for a win, but a loss would help their draft positioning by a couple of spots. (

Ted Sundquist is the latest known candidate to interview for the 49ers general manager position. Fooch took a look at his credentials, you can find it in the "49ers Head Coach/General Manager Search" section after the jump. This guy honestly does not impress me at all and I wouldn't be thrilled if he was brought in. (

The 49ers are sticking with their starters for the final game of the season. No snaps to the young guys, no increased playing time for fringe players; everyone will be a starter. (

If it was really up to Patrick Willis, he would be out there playing on Sunday, battering people left and right with a cast on his hand. (

Players, free agents and contracted alike, are gearing up for an uncertain offseason. I really would hate to see Manny Lawson and Takeo Spikes go, I think that would be detrimental to the 49ers defense. I suppose it would be nice to keep either Goldson or Franklin, but that's not a definite need. (

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