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Golden Nuggets: Cautious Optimism

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Mornin' fellas. So, I'm sitting here, writing for SB Nation Bay Area about Brian Westbrook and I really feel as though the 49ers have a good shot in this game, providing they do everything exactly as they intend. If they slip up just once, it will all come down around their shoulders. But I feel like the correct utilization of Westbrook in the running game and pass protection aspects could lead to a 49ers victory, providing the defense is up to par, which I expect it to be. It's cautious optimism at the moment, and I imagine at some point it will turn into full-bore excitement. Maybe. Who knows with me these days? I've been pretty schizophrenic as a 49ers fan this season. I'd also like to briefly announce, so he'll stop pestering me about it on Facebook, that I am sending your jersey off today, Tre9er. Enjoy it when it gets there, friend. That being said, let's get to your links.

Newly signed placekicker Jeff Reed expects to be on the roster throughout the remainder of the season. I'm not thrilled about this, though I've been of the opinion that we should replace Nedney for the last season or so. Reed is just a guy that leaves a bad taste in my mouth ... but I'll root him, same as everyone else out there. (

It sure would be nice if the 49ers could find a way to win when they play the Packers this weekend. (

How will the 49ers handle the temperature in Green Bay? Troy Smith doesn't seem to be all that bothered by it, so hopefully he can keep morale up. (

Look at that, a Q&A with a kicker, how interesting. That was sarcasm for those of you who missed it, I'm much more interested in what, say, a long snapper has to say. (

Maiocco has some matchups to watch out for during Sunday's game. (

Check out Sando's final word for the NFC West going into Week 13. (

Hah - "the old and the restless," I love it. Anthony Dixon is great, by the way. Dude has got swag. (

The Bay Area Sports Guy took a look at the twenty worst 49ers in his lifetime. Here's part one, and here's part two. (

It's going to be tough for Anthony Davis - he'll need some help blocking Clay Matthews on Sunday. (

Mike Singletary finally gets his winner, how great: it's a kicker. Seems like Super Bowl winning kickers probably change teams the most. (

Teams Talk: Maragos On Green Bay (

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