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49ers vs. Packers: The Battle In The Red Zone

I meant to post this on Friday but better later than never. Every so often I'll get an email from a podcast to speak about the 49ers in some form or fashion, whether it be an offseason preview, or a game preview during the season. This week, the folks at Cheesehead Radio came a-calling. I was unable to go on their show, but Tre9er was able to take some time to discuss the 49ers. I've embedded the player below. They start discussing the 49ers at the 35:50 mark and Tre shows up shortly thereafter. We definitely want to try and get on to more podcasts going forward.

Head HERE to listen to the podcast.

One matchup I'd like to focus in on that will likely prove important is the red zone battle. The 49ers have their struggles getting into the red zone, but they've had success once they got there. They've actually dominated once they've gotten into the red zone given the rushing and receiving weapons at the Smiths' disposal.

The Packers a stout red zone passing defense, which should make for an interesting dynamic. Football Outsiders ranks the 49ers fifth in red zone passing offense and ranks the Packers fourth in red zone passing defense. Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams will be tough across the field, but narrowing the field down will only add to the difficulty.

The Packers rank 23rd in defending against tight ends and are 28th against the rush in the red zone. This is a bit of cherry-picking with the stats, but it would still seem to indicate the 49ers should go to the tight ends and pound the ball down in the red zone. The 49ers don't need to be perfect tomorrow, but they can't leave points on the board down inside the 20. Rather than try and force the issue against the Packers strength, let's hope they can take advantage of the few weaknesses presented to them.