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49ers Injury Update: Jeff Reed, Joe Nedney, Ziggy the Robot

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Earlier this week the 49ers brought in Jeff Reed to fill Joe Nedney's role as kicker due to Nedney's recent right knee injury. It seemed like Nedney was going to be back this week but he suffered some kind of setback and things are now looking a bit bleak for him to return in 2010. He has not been placed on the injured reserve list, but the odds have increased that Reed will be kicking for the 49ers the rest of the season.

This past April, Joe Nedney helped promote the 2010 RoboGames down in San Mateo. As part of the promotion he competed in a field goal kicking contest with Ziggy the Robot. Nedney defeated the robot with a 50 yard field goal, but at what cost? Ok, maybe Ziggy isn't too blame, but I am always looking for an excuse to show this video.