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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Brrrrrrrrrrr

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When I put together the first game thread for each game (coming at 9:30am), I do a quick look at They provide a rundown of weather at all major sporting events, which is usually pertinent information for a given game. In looking at the 49ers weather, I thought I'd post a screenshot of the page just in case anybody thinks folks are kidding about the "frozen tundra" of Lambeau Field. I've read that they now heat the field, but even still it's going to be really cold today. While some of us are enjoying our Bloody Mary's in the supposedly cold weather of San Francisco, or wherever you might be, the players will be dealing with serious cold weather.


A friend of mine was telling me yesterday that one current 49er (he believed it was Takeo Spikes) said he never once wore arm sleeves in his career. However, he felt it was so cold and he was getting up there in age that he had to wear sleeves for today's game. If it was Spikes, then this picture from the team bus in Green Bay makes perfect sense.

The Packers have lost home games in December so they are certainly beatable in potential bad conditions. However, for a team that thinks the high 40s and low 50s in Santa Clara is cold (see Greg Manusky's comments on this), one has to wonder how this weather will impact them today. The 49ers are already operating behind the curve against a superior Packers team. I think they can win this game, but I still remain curious about the psychology of the truly cold weather of Green Bay.

We'll be back at 9:30 with today's game thread.