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49ers vs. Packers: Jeff Reed Gives 49ers Early Lead

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The 49ers find themselves up 3-0 after one quarter in what has quickly turned into a bit of a dog-fight with the Green Bay Packers. San Francisco drove down the field on the opening drive and saw Jeff Reed hit a field goal on his first try of the game. It was of even more significance because at 44 yards it was his first of the season of 40-49 yards, after going 0-fer to start with the Steelers.

The Packers responded with a drive that took up half the first quarter and got them down deep into 49ers territory. Of course, an intentional grounding call backed them up and they ended up having to settle for a field goal try. Of course, Mason Crosby then shanked the kick off the left field goal post and the Packers came away with nothing. The two teams exchange punts and now as we head into the second quarter, the 49ers are slowly moving the ball and hoping to get some more points on the board. They've also just lost Delanie Walker to some sort of injury. We'll get an update with what type of injury and how severe as soon as possible.