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49ers vs. Packers: Big Vernon Davis Touchdown Keeps It Close

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The 49ers head into the half trailing the Green Bay Packers 14-13 and playing some inconsistent ball. And yet they only trail by a point. After taking a 6-0 lead on a pair of field goals, the 49ers defense made some bone-headed mistakes and gave up some big plays and found themselves trailing 14-6. As someone mentioned, it was feeling exactly like the Seahawks game when the 49ers jumped out with a pair of field goals and then fell apart.

However, we did have a bit of a momentum shift as Vernon Davis broke free on some bad coverage and hauled in the longest play from scrimmage, a 66-yard touchdown pass. It wasn't a pretty pass, but as I mentioned in the last thread, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. That came into affect later when the 49ers were called for a neutral zone infraction. Rodgers completed a deep ball on what he thought was a free play, but it was blown dead and the 49ers were saved once again. It remains to be seen if the 49ers can win this thing (well I think it's still a possibility), but they're hanging close in spite of some questionable decisions.

I would like to make one comment about the negativity I've been seeing today. I probably lost my cool a bit in calling out some of the negative folks, but my general beef is this: More often than not, I'm not going to ban people for being negative about the team. It comes with the territory. But I am getting incredibly frustrated with the folks who find nothing but fault and can never seem to actually enjoy when something good happens. This is a game after all and this is a team we sometimes enjoy watching.

I'm not going to declare that people HAVE to be positive, but I would like people to at least make an effort to not just bash everything they see without thinking it through. For example, when Shawntae Spencer gave up that deep pass after the offsides call, a lot of people went to the normal criticisms about the 49ers secondary. That was a fairly perfect pass dropped right into the wide receivers arms. Very few cornerbacks could have made much of a play on that. I suppose this is my subjective opinion, but why not think through other possibilities before going to the traditional, "Our secondary sucks," "Bench Player X," "Fire Coach Y."

Again, I'm not mandating positive vibes as was suggested, but seriously people, this negativity is gonna give you an ulcer. Let's try and enjoy what's left of the season.