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49ers vs. Packers: The Defense May Have Just Missed Another Tackle In Packers Win

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Just a fantastic arm tackle. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Just a fantastic arm tackle. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Fooch's Note: I've set up an official FanPost for coaching discussion. You can discuss the coaching in this recap as well, but please don't create new FanPosts about the coaching at this point.

In a game that finished up much like Chinese water torture, the San Francisco 49ers were absolutely run over in the second half en route to a 34-16 Green Bay Packers victory. The 49ers kept things close into the third quarter, but the Packers made a few adjustments and went into a gear the 49ers do not have. There were several plays that exemplified the second half steamrolling in today's game. Maybe it was tackling Donald Driver into the end zone after missing seven or eight tackles. Or maybe it was the Packers just bullying their way 74 yards down the field over an 8+ minute drive?

There is plenty to complain about, but first how about a few positive things to come out of the game? The biggest has to be Anthony Davis' performance at right tackle. He was dealing with Clay Mattthew, the NFL's leader in sacks, and he held him to zero sacks. It's the fourth time in twelve games Matthews has not sacked the QB. Ninjames brought up a good point that Clay Matthews did not line up opposite Davis every single play. That is true, but I still think this might have been Anthony Davis' best performance as a 49er. He's got plenty of room for growth, but it's nice to get positive performances like we saw today.

One of my favorite plays was actually an instance where Matthews almost sacked Troy Smith. Matthews came at Davis and then Troy Smith stepped up into the pocket and closer to Matthews and Davis. Matthews reached to get an arm on Smith but Davis did just enough to prevent the sack and given Troy Smith time to shovel off a pass. That was the ONLY time we heard Clay Matthews name mentioned. Anthony Davis has his problems at times, but games like this can only help to inspire us going forward.

The other positive was Ted Ginn Jr. in the return game. The 49ers didn't exactly take advantage of it as much as they could, but Ginn has been a real boon for the 49ers special teams. Some folks were complaining earlier this season about some of his fair catches, but given how horrible the 49ers were last year in just catching the ball, I can live with it. Sometimes Ginn will make the always annoying back turn and lose some yardage, but he makes enough solid moves in the return game that I can live with it.