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49ers 2010 Season: Consistently Inconsistent

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If any phrase can describe the 2010 San Francisco 49ers in a nutshell, I'd argue with consistently inconsistent. I suppose the other phrase would be self-inflicted gunshot wounds. But for the purposes of today's post, we'll stick with consistently inconsistent. The 49ers have somehow managed to show amazing flashes of talent and an absurd ability to trip over their own two feet, all in a matter of a single game. I can't recall a season where a team showed such significant ups and downs. One might even argue it reflects the emotions of its head coach.

The offensive highlight of yesterday's game was probably Vernon Davis' 66 yard touchdown reception. The 10-play drive early in the third quarter that had to settle for a field goal was also solid, but saw the 49ers rushing attack look decent enough behind some nice Anthony Dixon sweeps. However, as Mike Sando put it, this truly was a hit and wildly miss affair by the 49ers across the board:

What I didn't like: The hit-and-miss nature of the 49ers' offense means the team makes occasional big plays without sustaining drives well enough. Smith completed 40 percent of his passes, an unacceptable rate. The 49ers struggled on third down, more the norm than the exception. A critical third-quarter drive stalled after Davis couldn't handle a deep pass and Ted Ginn Jr. failed to get his second foot down inbounds on another potential big-gainer. The 49ers needed to keep pace with Green Bay at that point in the game. On defense, the 49ers allowed big plays in the passing game, a problem they tried to fix by getting younger and more athletic at safety...

This whole team is hit and miss at this point. They sit two games back of Seattle and St. Louis and are mathematically very much alive. Of course, the 49ers haven't exactly proven they can put together consistent efforts against decent teams on a regular basis. Prior to today's game they had won four of six but it wasn't always due to 49ers efforts. The team did put together strong efforts against teams like Arizona, Denver, and St. Louis, but I didn't see anything that made me think, yes this team can sweep the remaining divisional games and hang around in this thing.

The team hosts Seattle this week at Candlestick and I do think it's a game they can win. I've said to friends that I'd be happy with a playoff spot no matter how it came. I'd still take a playoff spot because anything can happen once you get into January. The problem is that I don't see this team winning at St. Louis. It's not an impossible game by any stretch of the imagination, but the Rams look to be putting things together. I suppose an optimist could argue this little win streak they're on is against a pair of teams the 49ers also beat. Additionally, the Rams have to go to New Orleans next week which should be serious trouble for them.

I suppose I'm really just rambling at this point. There's so much wrong with this team even as I try and remain positive about something. I think at this point it's more about trying to not to get punched too hard in the stomach each week. I'll be back and ready for Sunday against Seattle because it's always fun to beat Seattle. But otherwise I just don't know what to do with this team right now.