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49ers-Packers: Mike Singletary Monday Lunch Press Conference

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The 49ers are back home after a brutal beating at the hands of the Green Bay Packers. Coach Singletary spoke to the press after the game and it was another fairly depressing post-loss discussion. We heard a lot of "We've gotta look at the film," which might actually be said too frequently to make it a drinking game. I suppose if you're just playing with a can of beer or something you could be fine, but you'd absolutely wreck yourself taking a shot of liquor after every mention of watching the film.

Now that the team is back in Santa Clara, we get our usual day after press conference involving Mike Singletary. He'll have viewed the film and maybe be able to tell us more about the defensive let-down. Of course, anybody that isn't blind could tell the media that piss-poor tackling and shoddy safety help on the deep passes were two key reasons the defense stunk up the joint.

At this point I really don't have an idea on a "next step" as far as this season is concerned and I'm curious as to what kinds of questions the media will have for him today. A victory wasn't expected over the Packers, but to get steam-rolled in the second half like they did can't be good for business. Singletary isn't going anywhere right now so he'll continue to face the music each week.

We'll be back with the transcript of this press conference later today for those who miss it live. Remember that we've got a stream after the jump, and you can also watch it at and on CSN Bay Area at 11:45am.

Mike Singletary Press Conference