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Golden Nuggets: Eight In A Row - We Got A Streak Going!

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Well - that stunk up the place. It's so disappointing when certain players play well and it's messed up by one or a couple players. No secret as to who was doing the messing up: the secondary. Dashon Goldson had himself a very bad game, as did Shawntae Spencer. I don't know what's going on with Dashon, but I think it's safe to say he's probably not the answer at free safety going forward. I wouldn't opposed to bringing him back, but his projected dollar amount at the end of the season has to be going down every single game he's played. Probably would have been smart for him to hold out this past offseason and get a better deal based solely on the last eight games of last season. It's what I would have done, mostly because I'm greedy and I don't care who knows it. That being said, let's just get to the links. It ain't pretty.

Jed York insists something ... I refuse to read what it is or the article in question, but I'd be willing to bet that he's insisting the 49ers can win the division still. I was tired of hearing it in week six. (

The 49ers were playing it safe, and that led to their downfall. I completely disagree with Branch though, I only read to the part where he says the game would be the other way around if the 49ers had Rodgers and they had Troy Smith. Troy could have exploited the 49ers secondary yesterday. (

Rodgers was a handful though. Our Niners had no answer for the guy - he ran the no huddle and forced guys offsides, he picked up two or three first downs with his feet on third down, he got the ball away under pressure and he was an all-around machine. (

The 49ers as a whole played well for the most part - in the second quarter. That was a pretty darn good quarter, I'll admit. Why can't we ever get four of those? Maybe even just three? (

Let the grading begin - like I said above, it's not pretty. (

This is pretty harsh, and more importantly: it's true. The Packers showed the 49ers what a playoff team looks like. Ouch. (

Eight losses in a row to the Green Bay Packers now, and I'm a little bitter about that. They're not really a "rival," but it sure would be nice to give them a beating sometime. (

More report cards - ugh. Is that an 'A'? (