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Jed York's Playoff Proclamations

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After yesterday's game, Matt Maiocco tweeted the following:

49ers team president Jed York said he still believes 49ers can win NFC West. There will be no changes, York said.

Some folks were quick to jump on York for the comment, particularly in light of his prior comments about not seeing the season end in December. I'm guessing his reasoning for mentioning the NFC West race is to show the team that ownership supports what they're doing and try to give them some level of confidence.

I can actually understand some value in that, but I also wonder how much value there is at this point. I suppose another reason to continue making these kinds of comments is to deflect some level of criticism off Singletary. Of course, people are going to speculate about Coach Singletary's job future no matter what Jed York says about staying the course. At some point it moves from useful confidence-builder to cliched comments that people don't take seriously.

It actually reminds me a little of Dana Carvey's old George H.W. Bush impersonation on SNL. It was all about "Stay the Course" and "a thousand points of light."