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Report: 49ers QB Alex Smith To Start Sunday

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An hour ago, Jason LaCanfora tweeted that Alex Smith would again be the 49ers starting QB:

Alex Smith is again 49ers starting QB. Coach Mike Singletary met with his staff in San Fran when the decision was made. Troy Smith backs up

Thanks to Since79 and demise for their FanPosts on the topic, but obviously this is a discussion worthy of the front page. Since79 and others are vociferously against this decision and were so even before the announcement. The 49ers QB situation as is has arguments coming in from all over the place. We've got some folks who want Troy Smith running things, others want Alex Smith, and even others want Nate Davis to get his chance before the season ends. Poor David Carr has no support...that we know of.

At this point, the ups and downs of the 49ers 2010 season leave me baffled and confused. Troy Smith has shown some ability but he's also struggled with accuracy at times. Of course, he's only had five starts for the 49ers so he certainly should get some benefit of the doubt. At the same time, some folks believe in absolutes like the idea that none of the 49ers current QBs will EVER be good in the NFL. I don't buy into the absolutes but I am definitely not remotely confident that any of these guys is the answer.

We don't really know how this season would be going had Smith stayed healthy in the Carolina game. The 49ers may have won the game, or they may have still lost the game. We can only speculate and thus will never really know the truth for sure. Instead we get yet another resurrection of Alex Smith. I think this qualifies as his third life give or take. He was the guy until his shoulder injury. Life two was when he came in against Houston last year and carried through to Houston this year. Now we're onto his third life in this final quarter of the season.

It seems like Troy Smith had a problem with preferring the deep ball too frequently, while Alex Smith was too quick to dump it off underneath. Troy Smith was more likely to run around trying to create something and inevitably hold onto the ball too long, while Alex was quick to throw it away when necessary. They both have their positives and they both have their negatives. Mike Singletary at this point seems to just be throwing out whatever he can and pray it works. I'm not holding my breath at this point so we'll see how it plays out.