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Golden Nuggets: Feeling Better For All The Wrong Reasons

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Well - I feel a little bit better. Mostly because the Sharks just gave the Red Wings a beatdown and I didn't spend any time at all thinking about the 49ers. It's a sad time we live in, friends. I'd like to say I feel good about the Niners - I spend the whole offseason feeling good about them, it's when actual, factual football (term used loosely) is being played that I can't enjoy myself. Now we've made another quarterback change, this time to the guy who has represented failure and missed opportunities for just about half a decade now. I feel like his time is passed, try everything you have. Throw Nate in there, I don't care anymore; but Alex Smith is not the answer. At least not with this coaching ... no quarterback is the answer with this coaching. And this secondary. I'm pessimistic, sure. Let's just win out. That would be special.

Alex Smith will be the starter next week. I don't feel great about this, as I've already stated; though Troy Smith doesn't inspire that much confidence, if any. (

Because I like to toot my own horn, my initial start 'em or sit 'em fantasy football post was totally correct in every way. Listen to me in the future, children. (

Looks like Josh McDaniels was let go from Denver ... oh darn. Still, that's at least one more team the Niners will have to contend with when it comes to the head coaching market, providing Mike Singletary loses his job at the end of this year, which he probably will. (

Is Alex getting the nod because the 49ers are going to spread things out? It's a possibility, but I personally will not place faith in the coaching staff implementing any sort of vertical attack to break the mold that Mike Singletary forced this team into. They didn't quite fit, but damn did he try. (

I think the logic used in this article is seriously flawed and way too simplistic, but do with that what you will. The split backfield loses it's luster ... personally, I like it. It won't suddenly get better if we give Westbrook more carries. (

"If it's true, it's true." Well, Mike ... it's true. (

The 49ers forgot to get "fysical." I think we should just abandon the 'f' and get a 'ph,' in here. We desperately need it. (

Stanford is trying to keep Jim Harbaugh, offering him a new contract and all. I'm actually fairly convinced he'll be the head coach of the 49ers next year. (

Well, I guess one silver lining is that Jeff Reed was perfect against the Packers. He's still a douche. (