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49ers vs. Packers: Game Notes...One Last Sting

It's mid-week by now and I should probably be moving on from the Green Bay debacle and on to the Seattle  Still, I haven't re-watched a game in a while so I figured since my wife is away at a work dinner tonight I'd force my kids to play the Wii while I put myself through the torturous process of enduring the game over again...and this time I took notes.

It's like something happened at half-time.  Someone's dog died, or something.  The team started just falling apart and making mistakes all over the place.  Maybe Singletary gave a crappy half-time speech about puppy dogs and pink satin with lace...your guess is as good as mine.  All I know is that the DB's started playing far too loose, tackling became tertiary to...daydreaming (?), and suckage was widespread.

The Downward Spiral was a pretty good offering by Nine Inch Nails back in the day...the 49ers version of the downward spiral was hard to watch.  After the jump, some notes from a football nerd/junkie who's kids are by-now really bored.  It's fairly raw, but it's in English and mostly punctuated/spell-checked.

First play of the game Crabtree was in single coverage.  Troy had thrown the pass better it would have been completed as Crabtree had inside position on DB.

Dixon runs well after contact.  Before contact he struggles.

Barry Sims sucks at run blocking. 

First series, attempted bubble-screen to Crabtree should have been audibled out of.  GB had everyone inside of 10 yards from LOS and the Safety was creeping into the slot.

3rd down, first series...Crabtree get's enough separation in single coverage but he needs perfectly placed ball.  He doesn't get many of them.

Tarrell Brown has bad feet.  They are slow.  His instincts to the ball on out routes is also bad.  He breaks when the ball is already in the air and gets there way too late.

Half the time our defense tackles like "you got him?  Oh, you don't?  Crap, ok, let me try now"

3:05 1st Q - Westbrook missed a HUGE cutback lane with no one home.  Could have been 20 yards plus.

7-step drop on 3rd and 1 in minus territory...SMH.  Defense was stacked, a slant shoulda done the job.

Sack at 2:08 1st Q came rushing 5 in base defense.  Need more of this.  Pressure came at 3 seconds and was all around Rodgers, nowhere to step up.

Next play, 2nd and 15 predictably we rush 3 and give up 7 yards.

I love the slant.  We should be throwing the play every time it's there.  Crabtree is perfect for it too.  Good body position, strong, good hands.  It should be used much more.

Goal line play after long VD completion...Dixon on the stutter, then plows into a pile.  Why not run the backside pitch play here?  Defense was stacked inside, let the kid use his wheels!

The Troy sack in the red zone, he shoulda thrown that out of the back of the end zone.  Only thing I can figure is maybe OL's were down-field.  He booted and there was defender right in his face.

3rd and goal, Troy had a few short options to get the ball to a playmaker and let him try to get YAC but held it, held it...tried to scramble...had good protection.

12:25 2nd Q - Second sack was also base defense, rushing 4.  This was working pretty well.

Next play 2nd and 17, Spikes, Lawson and Brooks all are standing 10 yards off the LOS while Rodgers scrambles and NONE of them see he's taking off until he's already picked up 8 yards.  There wasn't anyone in their zone even!

Ted Ginn, Jr. is a good returner...really good.  We should hang on to him just for that.

We ran against 8 and 9 men in the box an awful lot...that and our OL's just belly up on a push.

10:05 2nd Q - I thought Josh Morgan could have released up the field (put a spin-move on the defender) while Troy was scrambling and made a huge play.  There was no one beyond that DB if he'd just taken off.  He kinda stood there and Troy threw it where the DB almost had a chance to pick it off.

Troy runs into Iupati after great pass protection on the next play.  Jenkins was releasing and Iupati was coming to help.  If Troy hadn't tripped up on Big Mike, he'd have been gone for a big scramble.  Chemistry?

Green Bay's OL was MOVING us around.  They were like RB's out there, legs churning, driving us like you do with THE FREAKING SLED YOU PRACTICED WITH ALL TRAINING CAMP!  Why can't our guys do this?!?

Spencer was just plain beaten on the Jennings TD.  There was the slightest of double moves, hesitation, Spencer bit just enough to lose his ground.  Then he looked back and seemed to know the ball was coming but turned back to Jennings and ran after him when I think he could have kept his head around and ran as if he was playing the ball.  He was in decent position when the ball arrived but he wasn't looking for the ball at that time and half-heartedly threw his hand at Jennings. 

Dixon took a weird first-step on the ensuing drive's first-down play.  It cost him footing as he re-accelerated to take the handoff.  He must not have had the right cleats or something cause he was slipping all over the place.

5:30 2nd Q - Good route by Crabtree, got in between the zone, just an overthrown ball by Troy.  Not sure why.

Look at how awesome our pursuit angles are on the screen pass that went down to the one...just like they coach it, eh?  Over pursue, then take a flat angle...right?!?

We come out with 0:53 left in the first half and get a first down run...We take a time out.  Seems like we're deciding let's go for getting in field goal range, right?  Next play is a handoff to Westbrook for half a yard.  Sound like that time out was necessary at this point?  Then we let the clock run, run, run...snap the ball at 0:08 and hand off again.  Tell me why did we call the time out again?  I know you can't take them with you but what was the purpose of that?!?  Lame. 

Goldson jumped the out route leaving Reggie Smith all alone in the middle on the TD pass to Donald Driver.  You can't gamble when you've only got one guy to cover the entire deep portion of the field.

Dixon on the toss sweep in the 3rd quarter, 8:35 or so...good play!  We don't have Gore in the game any more!  Play to their strengths!  Next play, sweep the other way, picks up 4 or 5 yards.

2nd and goal, 7:23 3rd Q - 8 man box and we go spread and run a draw...seriously?  Audible out of that play and hit the slant/fade!  C'mon!

3rd and goal...again spread look and a bad pass to Crabtree, who was at about the 3 yard line anyways.  Power running team when it's 3rd and 15, cutesy spread team inside the 10...EPIC.

Why in the world was Phillip Adams on Greg Jennings man to man in the red zone???  Who's idea was that?

Vernon Davis just flat out dropped the long pass that was delivered perfectly in his bread-basket.  Could have been a game-changer.

Dixon slipped again early in the 4th quarter.  Side note, Anthony Davis owned Clay Matthews on the play, shoving him on his back.

Ricky Jean-Francois had a TFL on his first play of the drive in the 4th quarter, around the 11:30 mark.  He then got doubled and slipped down, similar to what I saw happen to Franklin earlier in the game.

Interestingly enough, Isaac Sopoaga came on in relief of RJF and Ray McDonald took Soap's spot at LDE.  Soap actually played pretty well there, he was a backup a few years back at the NT spot.

I saw Goldson tackle up around the neck on several occasions.  What the heck is that?!?  Bend down and grab his waist.  Who the heck is teaching tackling these days?

Footing was a real problem.  I saw Ginn AND Crabtree fall down on the same play late in the 4th quarter.  Whoever picked the cleats should get a talking-to.