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Golden Nuggets: Moving Forward, It Is What It Is

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Well, we have nothing to do but move forward and hope the 49ers can destroy the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. I'm somewhere in between those who believe the Niners shouldn't win any more games for a multitude of reasons, and those who believe the team should win every time they're out there. The fact that it's our division rivals makes it easier to side with the latter — I want the Seahawks to get the beat-down of their lives every time they see a football field. Even during practice. I don't wish injuries on anybody, but a series of unfortunate events (no relation to the vastly overrated novels) to make all of their football lives a little bit harder isn't really out of the question. In other news, the StoryStream for the game is up over at SB Nation Bay Area, so check that out as updates will be provided throughout the week. There's also the power rankings bit, and there will be a fantasy football stream up soon, so be on the lookout for those. Beyond that, I think we can just get to your links. Enjoy folks, and as always: go Niners.

It really is fitting that the 49ers are putting their last-ditch hopes on Alex Smith after putting so much effort into him this offseason. It's fitting that Mike Singletary may be done as the 49ers head coach, and he's put Alex up to the task of saving them all. Godspeed, Alex Smith. Godspeed. (

Here's some audio from conference calls with Pete Carrol and Marshawn Lynch. Plus, some audio from Vernon Davis on KNBR and Mike Singletary on 107.7 The Bone. (

The 49ers are Team Turmoil. That's not the most creative way to put it, but it's certainly apt. There is nothing stable with this entire organization. Top to bottom, there's instability and chaos. It's a mess. (

Going from Tweedle-dee to Tweedle-dum ... kind of a funny way to put it, considering some of the woefully hopeless statements in the article, but he is right at least on one account ... it is pretty hilarious, if you're watching this from the outside. (

Can the 49ers find a balance with their offense with Alex Smith at quarterback? Will sitting and watching Troy Smith have helped him when it comes to being able to trust himself with the deep ball? Troy wasn't always successful with his deep throws, but the times he wasn't were mostly due to his own inaccuracies. Alex, on the other hand, might just be able to get those throws where they need to be. (

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), there's a lot on the line for Alex Smith and the 49ers. The NFC West division crown, a starting quarterback job, Singletary's job security ... I can go on if you'd like. (

I'm pretty excited for Reggie Smith going forward. With Dashon Goldson's play against the Packers, I'm inclined to believe our starting tandem should be Reggie at free safety with Mays at strong safety. (

One would have to think that this is indeed Alex Smith's last chance as a 49er, no? I feel like, if he doesn't play like a pro bowl quarterback these last few games, that there will be no way he's back in a 49ers uniform come next season. (

Here are Matt Maiocco's latest NFL power rankings. I don't really look these over, but I'm sure he provides some valuable insights. (

The starting running backs for the second meeting between these two teams are Marshawn Lynch and Brian Westbrook. A little bit surreal, I'd say. (

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