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49ers Penalties: How Many This Week?

Mike Sando posted his weekly penalty watch and the 49ers find themselves at 110 penalties on the season, which averages out to 9.2 accepted and declined penalties per game. The 2010 league average is 7.2 penalties. Against the Packers the 49ers had nine total penalties, with six accepted and three declined. The three declined penalties were an offsides against Ahmad Brooks on an extra point, illegal formation against Anthony Davis on first and ten late in the blowout, and another illegal formation on the Troy Smith interception at the end of the game.

Last season the 49ers finished with 112 penalties accepted and declined on the season, which means this year the 49ers are averaging 2.2 more penalties per game. According to Sando, Manny Lawson has gone from no penalties to five penalties, Anthony Davis is among the league leaders with eleven, and Joe Staley went from no penalties in seven games to nine penalties in seven games.

What exactly is to blame for the excess of penalties? Is it poor coaching or is it just lack of discipline by the players? Or does poor coaching lead to lack of discipline? It's an on-field problem, and yet I have to believe there is an underlying problem. Given how poorly this season has turned out, I have to believe there's some kind of correlation with the excess of penalties. My problem is understanding what that correlation is. Any ideas?