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NFL All-Decade Team: 49ers of the Future

The NFL announced it's all decade team, and not too surprisingly no current 49ers made the team.  The 49ers only connections were through Terrell Owens, who spent 4 seasons in the '00s with the 49ers, and Larry Allen, who spent two seasons with the 49ers, although only one could be considered good.

Rather than just rattle off the names here (that's saved for after the jump), I thought it'd be more fun to take a look into the future, and open the discussion on what current 49ers might find themselves on the all decade team for the teens.  Obviously some of these guys could end up elsewhere in free agency, but really it doesn't matter since they'll have spent time with the 49ers during the decade.  However, I'll make a note (and feel free to do the same) if I think their time with the 49ers will earn them the spot.

Patrick Willis: Willis is a 2-time All Pro and obviously one of the best in the game.  The all-decade team selected six "linebackers" with no specificity between outside and inside/middle linebackers.

Vernon Davis: First off, a belated happy 26th birthday who made his Pro Bowl debut on his birthday (1/31).  The two tight ends on this team are Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez.  Gonzalez turns 34 this year, and will probably slip enough to probably not make this decade's team.  The competition will be fierce for the two tight end spots as Davis (26) will be battling (31 at the start of the 2010 season), Jason Witten (28), and maybe even Brent Celek (25) and Kellen Winslow (27).  That doesn't even factor in some of the young players that will be developing in the coming seasons.  I think Davis can make this happen, but it'll take some work.

Andy Lee: If Andy Lee can maintain his current numbers for the foreseeable future, something that probably should not be a problem, I think he has as good a chance as any punter to get on that list.  The two punters listed (Lechler and Moorman) are both going to be 34 this coming season.  Age is not that quite that big a deal for a lot of punters, so it's possible we see Shane Lechler on the list again in 10 years.  However, Andy Lee will only be 28 years old this coming season (just found out his birthday is the day before mine), so he has a legit shot to play out the decade.  If that happens, I think he's on the roster.

Frank Gore: If Gore can stay healthy long enough and if the 49ers can improve the offensive line, Frank Gore has an outside shot on this team.  I think the longevity issue is a bigger concern of those two.  He's been healthy for the most part for most of his NFL career, but he definitely gets banged up a lot.

Michael Crabtree: We really have no idea how Crabtree will develop in the coming seasons.  And seeing as only 4 wide receivers are selected, it's going to be fairly difficult to make the team at that position.  After all, wide receiver is always an incredibly deep position around the league.  But Crabtree has skills, and it would not be a shock if he developed into that kind of receiver in the coming years.

Head Coach Mike Singletary: They select two coaches for the all-decade team, with last decade's team including Bill Belichick and Tony Dungy.  Given that Singletary's only through 2 seasons (1 full) as a head coach, if the 49ers can return to some semblance of their past glory, what's to keep Singletary off the team.  That'd be especially sweet considering he was already all decade at linebacker in the '80s.  Obviously this might be a stretch, but you never know.

Any other strong possibilities you think I've missed out on?


(2010 Pro Bowl participants listed in Bold/Italics)





Tom Brady


Lorenzo Neal

Peyton Manning








Antonio Gates

Shaun Alexander


Tony Gonzalez

Jamal Lewis



Edgerrin James



LaDainian Tomlinson


Marvin Harrison


Torry Holt



Randy Moss

Walter Jones


Terrell Owens

Jonathan Ogden


Orlando Pace



William Roaf


Olin Kreutz


Kevin Mawae



Larry Allen


Alan Faneca

Bill Belichick

Steve Hutchinson

Tony Dungy

Will Shields





Dwight Freeney

La'Roi Glover

Julius Peppers

Warren Sapp

Michael Strahan

Richard Seymour

Jason Taylor

Kevin Williams




Ronde Barber

Brian Dawkins

Champ Bailey

Troy Polamalu

Ty Law

Ed Reed

Charles Woodson

Darren Sharper


Derrick Brooks


Ray Lewis

Joey Porter


Zach Thomas

Brian Urlacher

DeMarcus Ware






Shane Lechler

Dante Hall

Brian Moorman

Devin Hester



David Akers

Joshua Cribbs

Adam Vinatieri

Dante Hall