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Golden Nuggets: Well fine then.

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here on a dying laptop. I've got 18% battery power and I'd just love it if I could finish these Nuggets for you on time. Had a road trip today, picked up my friend in San Jose and I'm tiiiiiired. The Pro Bowl was yesterday and none of you updated me on how the game went--which totally upsets me because I specifically asked for updates (attention)! Either way, it seems Justin Smith and Vernon Davis played well--Frank Gore didn't get much time but I suppose nobody really expected him to. Sucks for his family who were (I imagine) there to see him. Either way, here's the few links I have for you right now.

Here's a pretty good summary of what went on at the pro bowl for the 49ers players and a video. (

The 49ers put up OK stats, nothing too great, but here's a look at them anyway. (

Here's the pro bowl game blog from the 49ers website. (

I would love to have McNabb in a 49ers jersey, anybody else agree? (

Seems to be all I have right now.. Will turn on computer later to hopefully update, folks.