Whats The Market on Peppers?

I'm always up for improving the 49ers in whatever capacity that the team can; whether that be by free agency, trades or the NFL draft. Of course all of this should be done with wisdom and fortitude; because as we know some things just don't work out. But we also don't want a early/mid 90's issue all over again where the team was constantly over the cap and could not afford to bring in players for depth.

Last year when Julius Peppers was asking for a trade; there seemed to have been mixed emotions from the 49er faithful about whether or not he would actually help the team. You had those who said that you can't spend that much money on a guy who has never played in a 3-4 system (as LB) and you had those who said that he would be an instant improvement over Manny Lawson and Haralson.

With that said and with it it being a year later in which we are now able to see a slightly clear and better picture of who Lawson and Haralson will be as NFL players; do you think the 49ers should go after Peppers during free agency? I am one to believe that a line up Willis, Peppers(some times finger in the ground); Spikes and Ahmad Brooks with a rotation of lawson and haralson would be pretty nasty.

And yes I think we all are aware of what it would cost to sign Julius Peppers; somewhere around 15 million per year but would it not be worth it? You can not always go by stats as the only barometer of what a player can do because some intangibles can't be recorded. But sometimes stats are all that we have to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges and some cases apples to oranges but thats neither here nor there. Here are the stats and for some reason it has slid over but the last column of numbers are where the sacks should be.

Julius Peppers -2009 STATS

42 36 5 2 10.5

Manny Lawson-2009 STATS FANTASY 2009
68 51 3 0 6.5

Parys Haralson-2009 STATS FANTASY 2009
45 33 0 0 5.0

It would seem at first glance and maybe every other glance depending on how much you hate the thought of the 49ers spending that much money on one player that Lawson is the better option for the 49ers. Does the 4 extra sacks that peppers have make him that much more valuable? Or does the 26 more tackles that lawson have make him better? Peppers is 30 and Lawson is 26 but will lawson ever reach double sack potential? I exclude haralson in the equation because i'm not totally sold that he will ever be an every down kinda player but he did play less than Lawson and only finished with 1.5 less sacks.

What is the general feeling towards Peppers? And if not the 49ers then what team do you see him going to? I just came across the nfc west blog over on sando's page and they were talking about this; you might want to go over there to check it out. I have not checked it out yet but I will after this post. Give me some feedback...I'm for it but I'm sure im in the minority(as in reality too).

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