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Golden Nuggets: I promise

Morning everyone. Getting to this a bit late, so apologies if this goes up a bit late. I've been watching re-runs of Sports Night. Don't know what Sports Night is? Well then I don't like you. Well, I might like you, but it's a great show, one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. Moving on, there's not a whole lot of links but hopefully we can get some discussion going regardless. I'm going to try and talk a bit more about each link and basically try and get more commenting and discussion throughout the offseason. Soooo as far as links goes, today is scarce but we'll get through this together. I promise. Let's get to your linkage.

What would you do if you were the owner of the 49ers? To be honest I think Jed is doing a really good job thus far. The only thing I would do is pursue this whole stadium plan differently. I really feel like Jed is being stubborn on this. He's likely had this idea for a very long time and is set on it. Even if the city of San Francisco became instantly cooperative. (

Mayock says QB Tim Tebow should be viewed as a third round prospect. With Nate Davis on the roster, I don't think the 49ers need another 'project' on the roster. Davis showed a lot of potential in the preseason and could be a starter in the future. As for Tebow... I just don't think you can fix such a horrible throwing motion. (

Maiocco profiles the 49ers tight ends. Obviously we all know about Vernon Davis, a guy I was ready to trade a couple seasons ago who has come into his own. I wish the 49ers could have held onto Pascoe before the season began but I'll be the first to admit it's just because of his awesome name. I've always felt like Delanie Walker was very underrated, glad he's signed for a couple years. (

Santa Clara leaders are going to be debating the wording of the 49ers stadium measure. Don't have a whole lot to say about this today. (

Samuel Lam tries to make a case for the 49ers picking Mike Iupati in the draft. I would only want Iupati under very precise circumstances, I definitely wouldn't want him to the 49ers first pick. (

Over at the Cardinals blog they take a look at Matt Leinart and his future with the team. He has a lot of expectations I guess, but I really don't think he's going to amount to much. (

The domestic violence charges against Rams RB Steven Jackson were dropped recently. Good news, I don't know what went down but he's always seemed like a good guy. (