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Caption This: The two best punters in the world

Now that we're in the full swing of the offseason, I thought it might be fun on occasion to bring back our Caption This! contest from last year.  This probably won't happen every single week during slow times, but I'll try and roll it out as often as possible.

For this first caption back, we've got the Pro Bowl punters from the Bay Area in Andy Lee and Shane Lechler.  For those that weren't when we ran these last year, nominate your favorite submissions by Rec'ing the comment.  How do you Rec a comment?  Well first off, you have to be a registered member of the site (it's free and easy).  When you see a comment that you like, there is a button you can click on called "Actions."  After you click on that you'll see "Rec" and "Flag."  Click on Rec.

In a day or two I'll see what the most Rec'd submissions are and we'll set up a poll for those.  So, get creative and then Rec away.