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Golden Nuggets: Auuugh!

Evening folks. I say evening because I'm always greeting people good morning and I think I'd just like to throw a shout out to the one or so person who reads these links in the afternoon. You're reading words from a very, very raged Ninjames right now. Mostly because I still have yet to get my laptop back and every time I get on to do these Nuggets I have to use this awful keyboard. I must slam my face into it a good forty or fifty times a night, the laptop just completed things and made it so much easier to write. I mean come on, it was supposed to take one week, and now I've been informed it's going to take three weeks and just... augh. Working without my laptop feels as if I'm working without my favorite limb. You can also paraphrase working and limb to something else I guess, as I re-read that it sounds bad. Either way, here's your links for today and sorry if they get up late.

A look at the newest member of the 49ers, TE Tony Curtis. I don't have much to comment on the guy, to be honest. (

Oh nice, didn't know Jason Hill was into classic cars. I like him more now. He was already my second favorite receiver on the team. (

The Santa Clara council approved the language in the 49ers stadium plan. (

Hey, at least one person thinks the 49ers can do good this upcoming season. I feel good about the team. (

What the 49ers can do offensively. Didn't read this, running out of time to post. (

Maiocco has himself an early, February mock draft. (