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Golden Nuggets: Good use of the tag

Good morning everyone. I'm doing these a bit early tonight so apologies if there's a couple late links I miss. If you come across something I didn't, post it up in the comments for everyone else to read. I'm needing to get to sleep early, things to do in the morning you see. That being said... I really don't think a whole lot will be posted later on tonight. Right now I've only got a couple links for you and all signs point to it being a scarce day, sorry no jump today folks. I'm just ranting now and you want some links, so let's just get to them, shall we?

A bit about 49ers QB coach Mike Johnson. I don't have really anything to add to this one. (

The team is likely going to be using their franchise tag in DT Aubrayo Franklin. I  completely am alright with the team using it on him. Franklin surprised a lot of people this past season, which is good because I, and a few others had him as being gone after the season. (

Maiocco continues his position profiles, now looking at inside linebackers. I'm really wondering who will replace Takeo Spikes. Spikes is my favorite 49er aside from a certain specialist and is very good at what he does. Should be interesting. (

Fooch's Note: Got home late and found some links to add after the jump (mostly divisional non-49ers items)

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