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100 in 100: Trent Williams (32 of 100)

Trent Williams could very well be the most versatile offensive lineman entering the NFL this year. Some have argued that being versatile isn't the best thing in the world and have speculated that wanting to know too much dilute's their talent. While some feel this way, others feel opposite and that the versatility adds a bunch of value. Williams has played both Tackle positions as well as Guard. The general consensus has been that Williams played his best ball at the Right Tackle position. Williams is fairly athletic, he's big, strong and could very well be on his way to being a starter immediately in the NFL.


After the jump, we'll take a look at some of Williams' highlights and also provide some projections...


In this video, Williams plays Left Tackle. Most people put the blame on Trent Williams for Bradford going down with the shoulder injury. While he missed the block and his assignment, it wasn't entirely his fault. There were a combination of things that materialized on that play. BYU had sent a blitz  and Bradford turned his shoulder aimed straight toward the ground to and broke his fall with that.





Williams gets good leverage when he engages in a block but as soon as he get's away from his opponent, or his opponent breaks free, he lacks the proper footwork to re-establish the block which makes him a liability in pass blocking sometimes. He can maul with the best of them which makes him a decent candidate for Right Tackle. I believe that he will be a 1st Round selection but I am not sure is all deserving of it. If he doesn't have a decent combine, then he could trickle his way down the draft board in to the early 2nd Round. For now, we will continue to say he is a 1st Rounder though. There is alos the possibility that Williams will be overdrafted due to specific teams needing a Right Tackle.

Possibilities -- 1st Round; Picks 16-32. Teams: Atlanta, Green Bay, Dallas, San Diego, Minnesota, New Orleans