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Golden Nuggets: On time for once

Hey everyone, checking in for your Nuggets and for once I'm doing it on time. Which, I know, hurts my e-cred for procrastinating that I've built up but what the heck, I'd like to schedule a post more than five minutes before it actually goes up. So the linkage continues to be on the lacking side and I've just discovered that my spell check doesn't work because the word... no, wait. It's a word. Like I was saying, little short on the links today but I'm finding what I can and this time I'll post what I can concerning division rivals. Thanks to Fooch for adding in some links yesterday. Let's get to them. Enjoy.

Yahoo has their 49ers Team Report, just a general 'this is what's going on' type of article. (

Lynch at the chronicle discusses the 49ers and their unique shotgun set, something he's dubbed (or somebody's dubbed) the Raye-gun. I'm torn when I hear people talking about the 49ers using only the shotgun and etc, how to do this and how to do that. For once I just don't know what the 49ers should do on offense and I don't want to speculate. Weird. (

Barrows takes a look at some of the players the 49ers will be looking at in the scouting combine concerning their two first round picks. I still haven't decided who I want the team to pick. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at some of the offensive tackles in free agency. I'm not seeing anyone on that list I'd like to pick up. (

Sando answers some questions from his mailbag. (

The Rams are unlikely to use their franchise tag on any of their free agents this offseason. (