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Golden Nuggets: Here's your... link.

Morning everyone. I don't have much for you today and I'm finding it hard to have anything to actually talk about at this point. I suppose that does mean we're well and into the offseason, yeah? Yesterday was the first Sunday without professional football in a long time, and had it not been Valentines day I'm sure I would have went insane, but I suppose I had some... distractions. At least I can lean on other sports. I'd like to say I watch the Olympics, but the winter games just don't do it for me. My guy won a title in tennis yesterday which is awesome but... no 49ers, and that makes me sad. I'll just get to posting your links. Or your link. I hope there's not only one. We'll see.

Barrows continues looking at some of the players the 49ers could be drafting. The combine countdown has begun, and to be honest I don't really like anyone on this current list. Iupati maybe, but I still think he's a reach at the 49ers pick. (

Over at the Cardinals blog they take a look around the NFC West and have some thoughts about the 49ers, their front seven and namely, Aubrayo Franklin. They wanted Franklin? Kill me if that ever happens, thanks. (

Cardinals LB Dansby could be on his way out as he lists teams he likes. (

So do you think the Rams will be relocating? I don't think they'll go to LA. Definitely not, that will be the Jaguars. Or, LAguars. (