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49ers to reportedly slap franchise tag on Aubrayo Franklin: In other news, the sun rose this morning

First off, thanks to sam23 for getting a FanShot up about this not so surprising information.  Unfortunately in the current incarnation of the blogging platform, I can't update the time stamp, and so it would be appearing below Drew's 100 in 100 post.  So, you get a new front page post.

Although it has not officially been done, "sources" are indicating the 49ers will place their franchise tag on nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin.  As a defensive tackle, that tag is worth just north of $7 million:

[The 49ers] newest long-term offer for Franklin is expected to come in this week. However, one league source highly doubted that any type of long-term agreement could be struck and the 49ers will franchise Franklin, who would have been one of the most desirable free agents had he been allowed to test the market.

We'll probably never find out the offers, but I would love to know what kind of long-term offers are being exchanged between the 49ers and Franklin.  Franklin has performed exceptionally well over the last season and a half, but he's not a traditional nose tackle.  Previously, when you thought of nose tackles, you thought of a big guy who occupied a couple offensive lineman, thus opening holes for the inside linebackers of the 3-4.  Franklin can do that, but he has proven himself to be a play-maker in his own right, as he has made numerous key back-field stops.

We'll have plenty more as this situation plays out.