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Golden Nuggets: Breakout season 2010-ish.

So the 49ers plan on using their franchise tag on NT Aubrayo Franklin. I've been having a spirited debate with our Froggy friend outside of Niners Nation concerning Franklin, whom he claims is the fifth best DT in the NFC West. Nice. Either way, I think the franchise tag is obviously a good idea. I suppose I'd like a long term deal to get done for Franklin, but then again he did only have one good season here, huh? I guess the franchise tag is a good option so we can see if he's consistent for two years in a row. Sure would be nice, wouldn't it? I've got a couple articles for you today, one I gather is calling for the 49ers to be a break-out team next season, which sure would be nice, now wouldn't it? I think I have some stadium-related stuff and I'll mix in the usual assortment of divisional rival links and maybe even make a jump today, but we'll see where it goes. Anyway, here's your links, enjoy 'em, comment, all that good stuff.

Apparently you should look for the 49ers to have a breakout season next season. I'll take it. Glad to see that TE Vernon Davis and DT Aubrayo Franklin are getting noticed and getting respect. Disturbed by the lack of addressing offensive lineman in the draft by one of the writers, and also know that Steve Wyche hates the Niners. Cool. (

Maiocco continues his position profiles, this time looking at the outside linebackers/defensive ends. I really like Manny Lawson after last season, especially after Danny's voodoo stats concerning things I didn't even know existed. I want the team to be able to sign him again after this season but something tells me he's going to walk. (

Yep, it seems like the team will be using their franchise tag on Aubrayo Franklin. I mean, who else would the team use it on? (

Sando answers a few questions from one of his readers over at ESPN. Good, informative read. (

Sando got rather creative and maybe went a bit overboard with his 'roided out rosters.' (

No, no no no no no no. I'll say it a million more times before this is settled if I have to. The 49ers and the Raiders will never, ever share a stadium. (

NFC West special teams grades... Guess where the 49ers rank? Dead last in the West. Good job, Arnaz Battle. You're a real asset. (

Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby wants to be wanted. I don't want him. (

They have some predictions for their 2010 season over at the  Cardinals blog. Those things always come true. (