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Golden Nuggets: Offseason sucks.

Morning everyone, James here. Slightly bothered at the moment because I'm currently deaf in one ear and it's a frustrating experience. As far as 49ers related articles go I'm sure I only have a couple for you today. The offseason is a [site decorum] but at least I have some other sports with which to occupy my mind. UFC 110 is coming up this weekend and it's going to be aweeeesome. Anyway, I'm just going to get to your links instead of pretending like I have something interesting to say today. Enjoy, folks.

A scout has some ideas concerning the defensive side of the ball and the 49ers. (

Kiper is buying into the CJ Spiller hype. Or rather, the hype of the 49ers needing him. I want the team to get him, and badly. (

This is quite possibly the worst mock draft I've ever seen. The first and only QB taken in the first round is Sam Bradford... at pick 26. Wow. So apparently the Rams, Redskins, Seahawks, Browns, Raiders, Bills, Broncos and the Seahawks again don't need a QB. (