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Golden Nuggets: Don't ever get busy, it sucks.

Morning everyone! When I say 'get busy' I don't mean the [site decorum] version, by the way. Actually getting on these on time which is crazy considering my workload as of late. The website for my magazine launches tomorrow and I've been working like craaaazy getting it all ready. In fact, so busy that something huge could have happened today in 49erland and I'd be finding out about it in about oh.. five minutes or so. That being said I'm seriously doubting that something huge happened, and I'm seriously doubting even more that I have a slew of links for you detailing such a huge happening. What am I talking about? I'm not sure, sleep deprivation has a firm grip on me at the moment. I'll have uh.. at least Maiocco's position profile, unless he decided to let me (and by proxy you guys) down today. We'll find out together (depending on the time delay from me finding out and you reading this, sup random guy who will read this three days from now I know there will be one.) Here's some liiiinks!

Maiocco continues (as promised) his position profile, this one focusing on the wide receivers. Love Crabtree, love Morgan, love Hill. Not so much for Battle and Jones. Although you know who I do love? Dominique Zeigler! Aww yeeeah! I'll ride that bandwagon/war wagon ALL DAY. There is like, no reason to dislike Zeigler. He needs to make the roster. (

He also continues talking with the scout from yesterday, today focusing more on the offensive side and return men as opposed to defense. (

Oh [site decorum] Staley is back with his blog "random thoughts from a big guy." Man I don't care what he writes about so long as he's writing about something. The guy is great. (

An interesting thought: did the 49ers pick the right Michael? It's an interesting thought but honestly nothing more. No, Lynch, Oher wouldn't have suddenly made that early 49ers run game good. No, Oher wouldn't have made it to where Shaun Hill suddenly won more games. No, Oher would not have changed much, and I rarely ever disagree with you. You end with 'so intriguing' and I'll end with 'Uh.. what?' (

Barrows continues looking at the players the 49ers could be taking with their first two picks. (

The Cardinals offense reportedly wont be changing with Matt Leinart at QB. Yeah, good luck with that, Arizona. (