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Mike Singletary 2009 Approval Rating: Roster Management

We're already into February (January really flew by!), but we've still got plenty to look back on in 2009. Three weeks ago we ran a poll looking at Mike Singletary's game management skills in 2009. I didn't do the math, but the median is somewhere in the 6.something range. Not exactly surprising since most agree he has some room for improvement in that area of the game.

Today, I thought we'd take a look at an area that is not quite so easy to parse out. The term "roster management" can cover a broad range of issues. The most immediate game-day issue I can see is determining the 8 inactive players on the 53-man roster. This might be where you'd address the non-use of Nate Davis throughout the season, if that happens to have annoyed you this season. Of course, the problem that comes with that is the question of how much influence football ops has in terms of activating a rookie like Davis.

Along those same lines was a player like Micheal Spurlock, who appeared in four games for the 49ers this season before he was cut November 3. The 49ers had numerous issues in the return game, but they never chose to take advantage of Spurlock's skills in this area. He was expected to get some time as a slot receiver, but nothing ever developed. So who's to blame for this?

We don't even need to necessary "blame" somebody, but it's part of the whole learning process to figure out if Coach Singletary is effectively using the roster at his disposal. I'm not 100% sure where to go with this post so I'm just gonna leave it as is. The problem is trying to separate who is responsible for what moves. Mike Singletary has final say as far as any suggestions made by his assistants, but I don't quite know how that plays into the decision-making process from a more macro level. I guess we're back to wondering who has the proverbial "trigger" as we've discussed plenty of times before.