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Golden Nuggets: Still would have watched it live, I guess.

So I went ahead and started watching my recorded Pro Bowl and decided "oh wait.. this game is boring and sucks" and I turned it off, so I no longer blame any of you for not updating me about the game. I've also decided I'm going to put a lot less "Ninjames" in my Nuggets daily and a bit more about the 49ers, to the best of my abilities. This basically means I'm going to keep most of my opinions to myself--I'll still have the sarcastic, patronizing remark every now and then but I'm going to talk less and less about things I'd like to happen/think should happen. I've got my reasons. That being said, I've got more links today than I did yesterday and I may even utilize the jump today, not bad for the offseason. Enjoy, folks!

Hey that's pretty cool, the Pro Bowl ratings went up 40 percent. In other news, it's still boring and nobody wants to play in it anymore. (

Two past 49ers made the NFL's All-Decade Team.. Makes me wonder which 49ers will make this decade's team.. Then again, I think I saw a post about that on here and completely ignored it. "oops." (

The Niners are likely to receive one compensatory pick in the upcoming draft. Most likely a seventh rounder. (

Taking a look at the 49ers options for drafting in their secondary. The team has needs at both cornerback and safety. (

Here's an article I just couldn't get into, but it may be your thing. It's about memorabilia and its increasing value. (

Barrows takes a look at some of the players that are potentially in the Niners' draft pool. (

I've recently changed my stance on McNabb, unless the 49ers can get him for a ridiculously cheap price. Why did I change it, you ask? Because some of you put pressure on me? Because I caved?! No, [site decorum] no. I just hate sharing opinions with this guy. He thinks the 49ers should get McNabb. (

A look at the QB mess in the NFC West. (

No thank you on Peppers. People were talking about how hard it'd be at his age to learn the new position two years ago. Back then I said they were foolish and I wanted him--I'd stand by that now, too. But now? [site decorum] no. (

I don't, however, want a division rival getting a hold of him. They're discussing it over at the Cardinals blog. (

Was Jerry Rice the greatest WR of all time? Yeah, it's pretty obvious. Was he the best football player of all time? Is there another clear cut "greatest" at another position? (

Since I think it's good to link to some of our division rivals' blogs, here's what the 'Hawks blogger thinks can be done to fix their pass-rush. I disagree with some of the little things but for the most part I suppose he has it right. (

Over at the Rams blog, they're speculating as to who the Rams should pick--McCoy or Suh. Please let it be McCoy, that will be the biggest mistake they've made in a long time. (